We see you.

We hear you.


Does someone control:

Does anyone:

  • Where you go and what you do?

  • Your money?

  • Your phone?

  • Who you can talk to?

  • Your ID or other documents?

  • Force you to perform work to meet your needs for food, shelter, clothing or love? 

  • Lie to you about the work you have to do? 

  • Take the money you earn or lie about your pay?

  • Threaten to hurt you, your family, or friends if you don't work for them? 

This is human trafficking.

We can help.

We are unable to accept new request service forms at this time, please check back in January. In the meantime, please reach out to COVA (Colorado Organization for Victim Assitance) at 303-861-1160 and/or Asian Pacific Development Center at 303-923-2920.

If you are a service provider or law enforcement partner, please contact us 303-433-2712.