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We see               you.

Wir sehen euch.

Wir hören dich.

Does someone control:

Does anyone:

  • Where you go and what you do?

  • Your money?

  • Your phone?

  • Who you can talk to?

  • Your ID or other documents?

  • Force you to perform work for food, shelter,      clothing  or love? 

  • Lie to you about the work you have to do? 

  • Take the money you earn or lie about your pay?

  • Threaten to hurt you, your family, or friends?

This is human trafficking.
We can help.


At this time Voluntad has limited financial assistance for housing. However, if you are in a crisis we can help.

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Vereinbarung: Ich fordere Dienstleistungen von Voluntad an. Ich verstehe, dass Voluntad meine Privatsphäre und diese Informationen schützt.

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